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How to Vertical Jig Deep Water Wrecks in the Florida Keys

Capt. Ryan Van Fleet

Vertical Jigging Tips and Tricks to help you Get Connected in the Florida Keys

Vertical jigging a wrecks is a highly productive tool to add to your arsenal.  When you arrive at a wreck do not rush into fishing, you have to first determine which way your drift will carry you across the wreck and calculate your drift speed.  After calculating the drift, start 50-100 yards ahead of the wreck (fish will hold at the beginning of the wreck and at the end of the wreck) open the bail and let the jig find the bottom to get a point of reference.   

Good Karma Charters Florida Keys Vertical Jig Tuna Fishing

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Once on the bottom take a look at your sounder, you want to follow the contour lines of the wreck.  Let the jig stay on the bottom for 10 seconds, bounce it off the bottom 3-4 times that will give the fish a chance to investigate and at times the fish will pick it up and eat the jig.

If you do not draw a strike then lift the jig 5-10 ft. then repeat the process.    The jig bouncing off the seafloor creates vibratory sounds and “clouds” of sediment/sand, this action draw the attention of big fish from hundreds of yards of way.

Always have a vertical jig rigged with wire when you are fishing offshore, as you never know when you will stumble across a hungry pack of Wahoo!

If the bottom dwelling fish do not cooperate start working the jig higher up into the water column. Lift the jig 30-50 ft. then drop back it back down.  Big Amberjacks roam this area.  If you do not hook up you must either increase or decrease your jigging speed.  By increasing your speed this cuts down on your chances of getting hung up on the wreck. You are going to want to use a heavier jig to keep you as vertical as possible knowing how your boat drifts and location of your jig in relation to the wreck is critical.   

Spear diving & Vertical Jigging

Think like a spear diver when it comes to jigging the bottom around wrecks. Spear divers brush the bottom of the ocean surface with their hands generating clouds of sediment and religiously use underwater lights and flashers to attract fish such as grouper, wahoo, snapper and cobia into their kill zone. 

Tackle Tip

Use 2 assist hooks one is rigged normal, add a rubberband to the second assist hook to keep it in place. A fish typically will strike while your bait is falling back down from the jigging action.  During free fall your assist hooks are above the jig so if a fish strikes the jig you may not hook up. This tip will increase your catch rate.  

Vertical jigging is work and you must practice and practice some more to become good at it, but like the old saying goes, "if it was easy every one would be doing it".

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