Florida Keys Charter Boat Fishing in Key Largo, Tavernier & Islamorada, Sportfishing Florida Keys

Offshore Fishing in the Florida Keys with Capt. Ryan

What may seem like a boat ride can quickly turn into a wide open bite for any number of species... from marlin to tuna, mahi mahi and more.  Patience and confidence plays a big part in offshore fishing success.  

Fishing offshore in the Florida Keys is very unique, and so are the techniques that work best. Often times, anglers from other parts of the world try to employ the same tactics they use in their home waters here in the Keys.  Most of the time, with no luck.  Florida Keys Fishing is different than most other styles and the tactics we use have evolved over the decades.  While West-Coast Stand-Up and East-Coast Chunking are very successful in the regions where they evolved, our Florida Keys fishery is better suited to methods that cover lots of water and the use of live or deadbait.  Species that inhabit our waters tend to move constantly and feeding behaviors change on a frequent basis. Check out our Florida Keys Fish calendar before planning a trip or just give me a call at 305-619-2126 & ask me what’s happening offshore in the Florida Keys.

Most if not all offshore trips in the spring, summer and fall months will rely heavily on trolling to locate fish and vertical jigging for monster fish.  

While aboard Good Karma when offshore fishing,  we will be constantly scanning the water looking for "signs of life".... whether that's birds working an area of bait, floating pieces of debris, current rips, or schools of tuna or mahi mahi busting the surface.   When we spot those signs get ready for the action. It may be changing out trolling lures for the current conditions and species found or it may be prepping live bait casting rigs to present to top-water fish on the move.  Remaining alert and scouting the waters around you for “signs of life” is always the right thing to do.  I am always on the lookout, it never hurts to have extra eye.

Other tactics we use, dependent on that day's conditions, include slow trolling or soaking live baits at depths from 60 to 150 feet when surface action is slow, chumming schools of fish into a feeding frenzy with small pieces chum or live bait or vertical jigging using Jimyjigs over wrecks/seamounts,  anchoring on reef ledges or rockpiles for bottom-hugging species like snapper, amberjacks and grouper.  Other times, we will be trolling for wahoo or deep dropping using electric reels.

Shallow Reef Fishing in the Florida Keys


Just a short 15 minute ride from Tavernier Creek Marina on the deep reefs we will anchor up & chum for Yellowtail, Mutton Snappers, & Groupers. If you do not like to anchor we can also troll the reef line for sailfish, kingfish, wahoo, cero mackerel, tuna, grouper, snapper, barracudas and more.